Think Cross Promotions

  1. Website: On your website check-out page or your contact-us thank you page, you may want to redirect to a page that lists the logos of companies in your peer network. Add a little detail for each logo to evoke action.
  2. Email Footer: In your email footer, you may selectively position logos of your friends. Care has to be taken that it does not wean away your prospects, hence do this only once you have converted the lead into a customer with a confirmed sale.
  3. Event: Organize an event to invite customers from each of the company from your peer group and showcase the products and service of each member. A celebrity speaker would be a good attraction for customers, or a Suhoor event during Ramadan.
  4. Promotional Offers: Encourage customers to checkout services and products through a promotional offer such as a discount or free sample.
  5. Share Database: Share your customer email database with each other to directly approach your customers with relevant offers. You must strictly agree on single-use to ensure that customers are not spammed.



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Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi is the co-founder of the E-Movers group based in Dubai and is an avid proponent of business networking. Corporate Connections UAE is his act.