The Networking Advice No One Tells You

  • Give up the mindset that networking is self-serving or involves a hidden agenda. Instead shift your focus on building a strategic network with mutually beneficial relationships. Genuinely understanding people and assessing ways in which you can add value reciprocates their willingness to help you in a similar manner.
  • A lack of time is a common excuse for not attending networking events. One needs to calendarize time for attending networking events to assess their resourcefulness and connect with potential contacts. You can always be selective about which events are worthwhile.
  • The reason we are inclined to network with people whom we know, like and are comfortable with is only because they share similar views. However, such closed networks limit our exposure to new acquaintances and ideas. One must strive to go beyond and connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This way we learn to appreciate differences in thinking and can better relate to different cultural viewpoints.
  • Most of us extend to our network only when we require help or assistance to push an idea, or fetch contacts. Such last-moment reach outs will surely fail to elicit the expected support. Instead, we need to proactively reach out to our contacts and nurture the relationships so much so that we can comfortably ask for help and are confident of being helped.
  • Many of us meet people and exchange business cards during the initial conversation but fail to follow up. The result is hollow relationships where none of us are really known to each other. We need to invest efforts in building authentic connections and strengthen those bonds over time.
  • As you meet new people, be curious to know more about their work and current challenges. Analyze ways you can contribute such as connect them to a resource or provide experiential guidance. Meaningful connections happen when members support each other in achieving their goals. This eliminates the limiting beliefs of networking.



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Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi is the co-founder of the E-Movers group based in Dubai and is an avid proponent of business networking. Corporate Connections UAE is his act.