Set Goals, Not Resolutions

  • Make it measurable- Gain control over your goals by quantifying it– Earn XXXXXX salary or reduce XX kgs of weight.
  • Is it achievable? — Determine the feasibility of your goals and break them up into small actionable steps that take you closer to your target.
  • Ascertain its relevance — Ask the question ‘How significant is the goal and what impact it has in improving the quality of your life?’
  • Set a time limit- Your goals must have a date set for realization. You need to work backward to be in line with the deadline.
  • I must lose 10 Kgs weight to lead a healthier life by April 2022. A strict ‘No’ to sugary, deep-fried or junk food. Instead, I will substitute my meals with healthy portions of fruits or veggies and rigorously stick to a daily exercise regime.



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Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi is the co-founder of the E-Movers group based in Dubai and is an avid proponent of business networking. Corporate Connections UAE is his act.