Power of Meaningful Connections

Chirantan Joshi
3 min readMar 7, 2022

Exchanging business cards is a ritual in most networking meets and once it ends, you’re left with a pile of cards. On the contrary, converting a card into contact and pursuing a connection of value marks the beginning of a relationship. These are often based on interests, hobbies and goals, beyond generic conversations or candid talk.

I’ve always believed that nurturing relationships is the most important aspect of building a business. In my first job I was always keen to understand not just what my clients do or who they are — but even what matters most to them before doing a sales pitch. I’m so glad that I listened to my intuition as relationships have been the biggest secret in my career success.

Here are some insights that I’ve gained from my own experience on the power of connections.

Power squad

When you spend time with people who are meaningful to your growth and development, they become your circle of power. These connections forged a foundation of trust and support, help you leverage shared experiences to make sound decisions, tackle challenges. or initiate change for the better. Your circle keeps you informed on new technologies and trending news of the now and happening. Collectively as a power squad you create a higher impact and can gain ideas to grow your business in ways never imagined before.

More facetime

Though the online platform to connect with people has been stressed over in recent times, don’t completely rely on it. Call it an old school thought, but there still lingers the excitement to converse over meals and have fun in person. Double up on brunches and high-tea for those food-for-thought conversations. (Of course, with safety protocols in place)

Give back

In any relationship you get what you give. Bring value to your connections by sharing a useful contact, volunteering on a project or brainstorming on a proposed idea. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career, you always have something to share be it experiential advice or leadership tips.

Deeper ties

When you nurture a relationship to a deeper level, you tend to become more accommodating. Even if something turns out not as expected, you remain supportive through thick and thin. Connecting with the right people, building synergies and supporting one another with business ideas and leads does help you collectively move forward even during turbulent times.

Diversify connections

Everyone has something they can teach you and one can widely benefit from meeting people from different cultures. Diversity adds perspective to life — making you grow appreciative of distinct views and practices. Besides, as industries overlap, you never know the finest advice may come from those outside your circle.

The bottom line is -There is power in the pack. Find ways to collaborate and accelerate opportunities and experience a ripple effect to success.

Do you recall an incident on how the power of connections has helped you in your own life? I would love to hear about your experiences.



Chirantan Joshi

Chirantan Joshi is the co-founder of the E-Movers group based in Dubai and is an avid proponent of business networking. Corporate Connections UAE is his act.